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Blackjack is an exciting game, and is unique in the casino, as one of the few games in which the house's advantage depends largely on the skill and knowledge of the player.

Most casino games, like Craps or Roulette, have fixed odds in favor of the house. In the long run, for example, the number 13 will come up once out of every 38 spins on an American Roulette wheel and a seven will be rolled one out of every six rolls in Craps.

With Blackjack, even though the house nearly always holds at least a small advantage, a knowledgeable player can determine which moves are most likely to result in a win, and can play accordingly. Simply being an intelligent player can reduce the house's edge to a mere 0.5%!

Now, this may benefit you in the short term, but if the house has an edge, you'll always lose in the long term, right? Not necessarily!

There is a way to exploit this edge, and allow the knowledgeable blackjack player to profit consistantly! This method can be learned and used by anyone, from a novice to an expert, in a matter of minutes.

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